lol epic gamer comic stinks!!!!! how can you people read this swill i mean really what kind of repetitive lame gamer joke loving fool do you have to be? I mean come on there are WAY too many gamer comics popping up. And this one like adheres to making fun of stuff way too hard. It’s practically becoming just as bad as what its jabbing at, if not the same as it! I mean the comic that started the comeback, EGC 13 USED the same “reddit keanu chungus” shtick that is becoming symbolic of how irony can loop back around to being bad and annoying, and used to harass and belittle people for having fun. Who in their right mind would support something like that? And it’s a hypocritical comic too! It will use the aforementioned keanu chungus garbage to mock and belittle, yet I hear there’s a comic using big chungus AS the joke? I mean come on folks, could it be more clear? This guy is a hack fraud! He’s just riding the coat tails of the gamer comics he parodies such as Ctrl+Alt+Del and Penny Arcade and also the coat tails of other parodies like Power-Up Comics and Red Ring of Death! You should feel ashamed for reading this and you should feel ashamed ESPECIALLY if you enjoy it. The media that swells and bloats up to these horrid number counts sickens me. The fact that you mindless drones could let not even just one, but MULTIPLE of these shitty comics be propelled to multi-thousand tiers of likes and retweets. Tens of thousands of likes wasted on bullshit like this. And don’t even get me on how he uses the popularity to shill and beg for money online. The guy has a shitty merch store THAT PEOPLE HAVE SPENT NEAR 100 DOLLARS ON that is just shitty copy pasted designs from the comic, no effort put in at all! Sure, the gamer shirts were drawn from scratch, but they are poor imitations of the shirts the gamers wear in the comic itself! The gamer head stickers are fine, I GUESS, but the gaming trio line of merch is egregious. Slapping 3 pre-made character assets on a shirt or mug and charging THAT much for it? What is your deal? And don’t even get me started on the Patreon. The guy dumps hours into making so many of these horrible excuses for 4-komas and instead of holding them back and drip feeding them like a REASONABLE person, he decides to dump them all onto his Patreon, AND NOT EVEN INCLUDE THEM ALL for some dumb self indulgent Seinfeld themed arc? And on top of ALL of that, he uses that as a SELLING POINT. Have some humility dude. If you’re going to have a backlog of comics, hold them back and just give them to your patrons a day early like any sensible comic artist. Don’t just dump them ALL on there and then start posting them as you make them. How do I know he does this? Well I certainly didn’t pay this asshole, no of course not. I got the info from a friend who does. That’s right, I have Keeby10 Patreon leaks. Not like they’re worth anything. Pff. And he even has a Ko-fi link pinned to his twitter, where so many would go after seeing his shitty comics to see more. Optimizing how many people see your free advertisement, or maybe it’s just pure shilling perhaps? And to top it all off, he makes GOOD COMICS occasionally and puts them on the link he slaps on EVERY one of the gamer comics. And they’re decent! But he barely ever makes them and lets the dumbass gamer comics carry his lazy ass. Like, I will admit, that’s genius advertising, putting a link to your serious stuff on the lower effort, more shareable things. But come on man, why do you put all your chips on the shitty 4 panel ironic gamer joke gag comic when you could be doing much better things? Overall, I would say “Epic” Gamer Comic is awful shilling garbage that NO respectable web browsing man or woman or other would ever be caught dead reading, and that if you do read and enjoy it, you probably need some therapy to fix just how fucked you are in the head.


Edit 7/7/20: thanks for the gold, guys!
Edit 10/25/20: Wow so many updoots!
Edit 1/20/2021: ugh is he STILL making these? didnt my scathing commentary teach him a lesson AT ALL???
Edit 12/24/2023: I've been informed that not only is this fucking moron still making these, but he's even moved them to a new website! won't this assmouse get the clue already? NOBODY WANTS THIS!

-Brotaku Reviews, June 2020

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